Hope Zoo Conservation  deal with three aspects of conservation – practice, advocacy and research. Conservation practice entails captive breeding, species reintroduction programs, Species survival plans and the use of zoo revenue for conservation programs in the wild. Conservation advocacy includes public engagement, promoting awareness, advocating stewardship, and fundraising events and schemes.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehab

Besides our zoo collection, we act as a wildlife sanctuary here in Jamaica, collaborating with our government colleagues at the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to rescue native species  (Jamaican owls, barn owls, yellowbill parrots, American crocodiles, etc). Many of these animals are injured or orphaned and remain in our care for some time before being released back into the wild, while others with permanent injuries are given a new forever home here at Hope Zoo.

Headstart Program for the Critically Endangered Jamaican Iguana

Excitingly, we are home to the head start program for the Critically Endangered Jamaican iguana—housing over 300 juvenile iguanas which have been collected from the wild and raised at our zoo for 4-6 years before being reintroduced back into the wild. Since the Jamaican iguana was rediscovered from extinction in 1990, the Hope Zoo has been one of the essential components ensuring the survival and recovery of this severely threatened species.

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