Giving Opportunities

CHARITY WORK – Although Hope Zoo itself is a not-for-profit charity we feel it necessary that the less fortunate of our country benefit from the Zoo.  Every year we host the Angel of Love Jamaica charity to treat children from various hospitals and their family to a fun and fulfilling day at the Zoo. Various companies also host their own charity events at Hope Zoo.

GRANTS AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION – At Hope Zoo we are passionate about wildlife conservation and are committed to protecting Jamaica’s native wildlife. The Hope Zoo has always had a long-standing history of participating in programmes or projects that are geared towards this.

To date we have received grant funding to aid with programmes at the Zoo which include wildlife conservation, public education and research & development.To date we have secured funding for the following projects:

  1. International Iguana Foundation and its designation as a wildlife rescue centre has been established with the help of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) to assist with the recovery of the Jamaican iguana.
  2. Small Grant Programme is an establishment of sanctuaries for protected Jamaica fauna and flora. The programme also provides energy-efficient transportation for educational tours.
  3. Jamaican Parrot Genome Project has been an ongoing one at the zoo. The Jamaican parrots are threatened with extinction and as such the Hope Zoo with the help of the University of Puerto Rico has are vested greatly in this project.

VOLUNTEERISM -Hope Zoo has an excellent volunteer programme in which we accept students from various high schools, universities and colleges across Jamaica to complete their community service programmes. During summer and winter holidays we accept children from ages 15 upwards who have expressed an interest in animals and the environment.Before we accept volunteers, they have to undergo a pre-qualification interview to ensure that they meet the criteria: which is a genuine love for animals, nature and to ensure that they are physically able to handle the demands of the assignment.For more details on Hope Zoo Volunteer Programme, please feel free to call us at 876-978-1085 or email

ADOPT AN ANIMAL PROGRAMME -Adopt an animal of your choice from Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation and make a difference for the animals and the environment.Your HZPF Adopt an Animal kit comes with the following:

  • Glossy photo of your adopted animal
  • Adoption certificate
  • Fact sheet about your adopted animal


To adopt an animal, donation can include:

  • Food and veterinary cost
  • Construction and maintenance of holding facilities

For more information, please call 876-978-1085 or email

Show your love for animals and adopt an animal today!



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